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 Become an active peer educator who can cater to your
community's health and wellbeing development

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Are you a passionate citizen who is driven to contribute and serve your society? Are you concerned about the health and well-being of your friends and family? Or do you simply want to know more about ‘The socio-economically transmitted disease’ which is a major 21st Century health concern ?

As an 'Act on NCD' participant you will be trained to become a health conscious community engager in the area of NCDs for personal and community well being.

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Join us for an insightful and interactive webinar series where we explore effective strategies and innovative approaches to foster a sustainable and healthy campus environment. This webinar is designed for educators, students, and all stakeholders committed to enhancing the well-being and sustainability of educational institutions.

📄Webinar Details:- 

1st Session:  📅 Date: Thursday, 04 July 2024  ⏰ Time: 11:30 AM to 12:45 PM- 2nd Session:   

📅 Date: Saturday, 06 July 2024  ⏰ Time: 11:30 AM to 12:45 PM

🎙️Keynote Speaker:Mr. Suneel Vatsyayan Life CoachChairperson, Nada India Foundation.

💻 Webinar Topic:"Creating a Sustainable and Healthy Campus: Strategies and Innovations".

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  • 1. What is peer learning?
  • 2. Where is peer education used?
  • 3. How is peer education useful?
  • 4. How can peer education help adolescents?
  • 5. Roles and responsibilities of a peer educator
  • 6. Qualities of a peer educator

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Exclusive training videos
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Downloadable materials
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Course completion

30 hours of curated
content + field work exercises

How does this work?

  1. Register on the ‘Enroll Now’ link for this course
  2. Take the pre assessment self evaluation non-graded assessment that is based on this course
  3. Start the course videos
  4. Seek one to one mentor connect for further guidance
  5. Complete all modules including the field work activities
  6. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend all live sessions offered on this platform and along with this course
  7. Complete  the final graded assessment to get your course completion certificate
  8. Start practicing as a peer educator/ supporter/ leader.

About the Instructor

Who better than a young peer educator him/her-self to teach us about the qualities and roles of a peer educator and challenges of practicing peer education.This course is carefully designed by a group of 5 young doctors, social workers and development studies students who have successfully mastered the stages of going from peer educator to supporter to leader. Each of them have completed 70+ hours of training and also trained 100+ students in this field. Their combined expertise from their unique education backgrounds and field work experiences has helped in creating this rich course on ‘NCDs Peer Education’.

What our learners and
instructors say about this course

Dr. Ruchika Gupta
Peer Educator

The course was very easy to understand and follow as it has many videos, pictures and narrations in simple English language followed by many live sessions.

Dr.Nimrit Kaur
Peer Educator

The course not only helped me enhance my know how but also helped me introspect about myself, my family, friends and community.

Rittika Phukan
Peer Supporter

It was a great experience learning on this platform about the NCDs. Got a chance to learn new things about NCDs on a broad level at free of cost.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, there are many course materials that you can download and save for later reference and once you register access to the course, the content is available for a lifetime.

Students who complete the courses and finish the assignment after the course will receive Certification of graduation as Peer Educator/ Supporter/ Leader. Registered students will also get access to Nada India webinars and live workshops as additional training materials. You can make the most of your learnings by taking the support of Nada India in conducting an impactful field work that involves working with the community/ youth/ government officials etc.

Yes, as a student you have to complete your level i.e. Peer Educator, and with consultation of the course coordinator you can register for further courses. Similarly for Parents/ Guardians and School Teachers , Social Worker, Health Professionals, you can complete the respective courses catering to you and upon consultation with the coordinator you can register for the remaining two.

Yes, there are several internship opportunities to engage with us. Submit your registration form from the contact us page and we will get in touch with you at the earliest.

 Become an active peer educator who can cater to
your community’s health and wellbeing development

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