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Become an active peer educator who can cater to your
community’s health and wellbeing development

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This course covers broad aspects of India public health problems of tobacco use, promotion and helps you to identify ways to implement tobacco control policies. You will become proficient in areas not just related to tobacco control, but also practice the art of peer learning and support. There will be 3 levels of capacity building starting with ‘Foundational’, ‘Advanced’ and ‘Expert’. From each of this level the learner will move from being a ‘Peer educator’ to ‘Peer supporter’ to ‘Peer leader’ respectively. 

As a peer educator you will mostly be engaged in mobilising all the community engagement activities from the NYIN wellbeing clubs. As peer supporters you will be heading all the district level activities and mentoring the peer educators. At the peer leader level, you will be heading all the district level activities from a state's perspective and be involved in writing reports and strategizing action plans in districts and also mentoring peer supporters.

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Exclusive training videos
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30 hours of curated
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How does this work?

  1. Register on the ‘Enroll Now’ link for this course
  2. Take the pre assessment self evaluation non-graded assessment that is based on this course
  3. Start the course videos
  4. Seek one to one mentor connect for further guidance
  5. Complete all modules including the field work activities
  6. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend all live sessions offered on this platform and along with this course
  7. Complete  the final graded assessment to get your course completion certificate
  8. Start practicing as a peer educator/ supporter/ leader.

Levels of this course

Foundation level (Peer Educator )

Eligibility: 15 - 30 year old students and non students

You will learn the following:

  • The role of peer educators in tobacco control, the application of self advocacy in the field.
  • Enhance subject knowledge on NCDs, tobacco and its social cum health effects, tobacco control laws.
  • Assist in exploring COTPA violations, social norms and tobacco inflicted harms.
  • Voice and express youth vulnerabilities that affect wellbeing.
  • Understand social media channels of communication.

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Intermediate level (Peer Supporter)

Eligibility : Parents/ Guardians

Launching soon...

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Advance level (Peer Leader)

Eligibility: School Teachers , Social Worker, Health Professionals

Launching soon...

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What our learners and instructors
say about this course

Peer Educator

The live sessions as part of this course and field work pushed me to become more confident and publicly express my opinions, concerns and ideas.

Peer Supporter

I learnt a lot about the practical implications of COTPA Act 2003 and FCTC regulations through plenty of field work opportunities.

Peer Leader

I was able to learn about my community and understand that my growth happens mutually with my community which I have to be mindful about.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, there are many course materials that you can download and save for later reference and once you register access to the course, the content is available for a lifetime.

Students who complete the courses and finish the assignment after the course will receive Certification of graduation as Peer Educator/ Supporter/ Leader. Registered students will also get access to Nada India webinars and live workshops as additional training materials. You can make the most of your learnings by taking the support of Nada India in conducting an impactful field work that involves working with the community/ youth/ government officials etc.

Yes, as a student you have to complete your level i.e. Peer Educator, and with consultation of the course coordinator you can register for further courses. Similarly for Parents/ Guardians and School Teachers , Social Worker, Health Professionals, you can complete the respective courses catering to you and upon consultation with the coordinator you can register for the remaining two.

Yes, there are several internship opportunities to engage with us. Submit your registration form from the contact us page and we will get in touch with you at the earliest.

Become an active peer educator who can cater to
your community’s health and wellbeing development

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