Nada Young India Network (NYIN)

The NYIN is a PAN INDIA network that strive to foster a healthy community for all. It is by and for the youth to raise voices against unheard health problems and take big actions to resolve them. The Vlead Academy is here to connect you to our 3 main project areas of 2021 (Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh) so that you can join the NYIN too.

Every word of your voice counts..

Every second of your action matters...

Take your initiative today . Feel empowered. Impart the change you need.

Nada Young INdia Network (NYIN)

Youth from diverse education background are welcome to join the NYIN to take collaborative efforts in raising awareness on NCDs, promotional tactics used by Big alcohol, tobacco and food companies, liquor and tobacco prohibition policies etc. and efforts to improve the wellbeing of all. You will be engaged to build the capacity of NYIN and other youth groups to support prohibition and well-being policies by conducting national and state level activities in 3 states using situational analysis, micro studies, stakeholder analysis, and engagement, community engagement through webinars, workshops, campaigns and conclave. 

To become a consistent & dedicated member of the NYIN:

1. Join one of courses offered by the Vlead academy (or)

2. Take part in our 'Act on youth forum' (or)

3. Join the NYIN wellbeing study club and My healthy campus program


Nada Young India Network Meeting

NYIN is a youth group under the Youth Well Being Initiative of Nada India. It aims at developing and implementing a strategic national plan to represent and support youth concerns related to their heath, well-being, and empowerment.

On this day, 60+ young decision makers are gathering to exchange ideas and express their voice against various concerns like mental health, sedentary lifestyle, community mobilization, stakeholder engagement and capacity building so as to set forth the agenda for NYIN 2021.

This is a closed meeting for the NYIN members only.


1. Act on Youth Forum


Using a top-down/ bottom-up approach, the forum tries to identify the unheard health problems of youth belonging to all gender, socio-economic and income backgrounds through a feedback culture, so that it builds a participatory based learning and doing.

It works by drafting a framework to gather support, recognition and importance for youth and their initiatives

Outcome: top-down/ bottom-up analytical model, feedback mechanisms, outreach programs, cross-sectoral problem-solving capacities & community engagement.

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2. NAPSWI Nada Young India

 Wellness Campaign


Nada India Foundation in collaboration with NAPSWI  has launched this wellness campaign cum workshop with a vision of having a meaningful involvement of young social work students in the advocacy of good health agenda in India with a primary focus on alcohol, drug use and diet as major risk factors for NCDs.  

Through this wellness campaign engagement we hope to offer you the platform in which you can explore your strengths and passion. The bucket of opportunities will help you curate your personality, improve any hindrances for growth and give you a truly memorable experience from getting  your hands on practical field work activities.

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