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With over 20+ years of experience in the field of health, the Nada India panel consists of social work educators, public health experts, doctors and trainers being led under the leadership of Suneel Vatsyayan, a Life Coach and Social Entrepreneur who is also a Karamaveer Chakra Awardee and a REX Karamaveer Global Fellow. 

Vidya Lead Academy has moved from an offline capacity-building program to a full-fledged online academy facilitating thousands of young people to a healthier lifestyle. Nada India is an affiliate of The World Continuing Education Alliance and a founding member of the Healthy India Alliance. Nada India has been working with multidisciplinary teams and diverse expert networks like Young India for Good Health, National Association of Professional Social Workers in India, NCO Alliance, World Federation Against Drugs, Global Health Council and Movendi International.


Nada India Foundation

To foster a network of community based initiatives, striving to develop empowered leadership & healthy choices amongst marginalized & vulnerable populations especially adolescents, women & senior citizens.

Nada Young India Network 

To build a human chain of inter connected youth who will be empowered to contribute to the well-being of the society and for oneself.


Subhiksha Shankarraman

Course Coordinator

I am a diligent development economics graduate passionate about building an egalitarian society which has provision to quality education and healthcare facilities for all those in need. My past work experience has exposed me to understand the intersectional nature of societies formed because of their unique socio-political-economic backgrounds. Thus, while trying to understand the complex nature of societies, my interest area has ranged from ethnography, socio-political ideologies, women and child healthcare, gender roles to government policies and health insurance.

As a national convener of NYIN, I want to ensure more and more youth get the opportunity to voice out their wellbeing related problems and community challenges. Through the network I want to be able to enable them to act on these challenges & bridge the community level gaps. 

Dr. Radhey Shyam

Wellbeing study club coordinator (Punjab)

Akshay Sharma

Wellbeing study club coordinator (Haryana)

I am a Communication Design graduate passionate about serving and nurturing our communities and assisting them to have the best provisions for everyone’s wellbeing! I am a curious soul believing in providing the best mediums to bring in awareness to our society and lending the shoulder to the ones who require our utmost support. 

As a member of Nada’s Young India Network I want to motivate each individual out there to not be satisfied, just by fulfilling their own desires, because the biggest virtue of humanity is kindness and if we being the smart species don’t reach out our hands for help, then maybe we’ve still a lot to learn and grow together.

Mangal Singh

Wellbeing study club coordinator (Himachal Pradesh)

I am a creative and dynamic individual with a passion, experience and potential to be a part of a vibrant approach and strategy to build a large and diverse constituency that supports the integration of NGO development and cooperate sector. Also passionate about changing the world so that  I can inspire potential partners (communities, NGOs, government agencies) to be part of a movement that creates local impact for a social change. As an, MSW graduate form Central University of Himachal and with more than 10 years of work experience in social development & right based sector, I am keenly interested to contribute towards community development, child development, right based approach and event management. 

As an NYIN member I want to contribute my ability to streamline office processes and bring my unique visioning ability to  achieve its goals.


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