"Go Green & Healthy: Simple Changes to Improve Your Environment and Health

 Go green & healthy with simple changes to improve your environment and health. Make sustainable choices that are good for the planet and your health, such as reducing waste, conserving water and energy, and eating a balanced diet. Take steps to reduce air pollution, switch to green products, and practice healthy lifestyle habits. Find out how you can make positive changes to help you go green and live healthy for a healthier future.

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Social work Advocacy for Tobacco and Climate Change 

 Social work advocacy for tobacco and climate change is a critical part of creating a healthier, more sustainable world. Join the fight today to make a difference!

Uncertainties of
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Facing the heat due to uncertainties of the future? Worry not you are not alone. Education has its ups and downs.

Going green & healthy is simple, and
it's more fun than you think!"

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Padma Shri: "Beej mata'

Aditya Manju Pandey along with Manali NYIN Health Advocate CSRD Ahmednagar Maharashtra explained how tobacco is poisoning soil to Padma Shri: "Beej mata' Suresh Pathare Suneel Vatsyayan Nirmala Sitharaman Narendra Modi

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